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January 2012 Archives

Sleep apnea testing projected to reduce truck accidents

Two safety boards recently recommended that obese truck drivers should be required to have sleep apnea testing. The Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee and the Medical Review Board both recommended the testing as a way to prevent truck accidents in Chicago and around the country.

Actor Gene Hackman involved in pedestrian accident

Oscar-winner Gene Hackman is one of the most recent pedestrian accident victims. Authorities say that the 81-year-old actor was hit by a car while biking in the Florida Keys. Bike and pedestrian accidents are a serious problem in Chicago and around the country. Increasing numbers of motorists are distracted by cellphones and passengers which may contribute to the growing numbers of pedestrians suffering severe personal injuries from being hit by cars.

Chicago pit bull attack outrages residents

One Chicago alderman recently proposed a ban on pit bulls within the city after two unleashed pit bulls attacked a police officer's dog. Authorities say the officer was walking her dog when the pit bulls bit the police dog on the nose, thigh and mouth area. The dog lost a substantial amount of blood before the officer was able to separate the dogs.

Permanent partial disability and workers' compensation

There are many types of workplace accidents which may result in permanent partial disabilities. Illinois workers who suffer such injuries may be entitled to permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits which an experienced Chicago workers' compensation attorney can help them obtain. PPD benefits are available to those with permanent physical impairments that do not preclude them from all employment opportunities. These employees are sometimes also eligible for other forms of disability payments and a PPD application can provide the basis for a total disability benefits claim in the future.

Naperville family killed in car accident

One Naperville family's vacation turned into tragedy recently. The family was involved in a fatal car accident during the last few days of their family trip to India. The family, which consisted of parents and two children, was visiting relatives. The father of the family was a local business man and head of Habib Enterprises Inc., which owns several chain food restaurants in the Chicago area.

Possible causes for the increase in pedestrian accident deaths

In our last post we discussed the issue of Chicago pedestrian accidents and the NHTSA statistics which indicate that the number of these accidents is increasing around the country. The uptick in pedestrian personal injuries and accidents has many traffic safety experts confused.

Chicago roads may be more dangerous for pedestrians

Most of us have had that scary moment when walking in downtown Chicago: you enter a crosswalk and cross paths with an inattentive driver. Although many pedestrians are quick enough to jump out of the way or otherwise avoid coming into contact with a driver who makes a turn into a crosswalk without looking, several people are hit and killed every year.

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